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5 and 6 Year Old

 YAC Girls Softball
 6 & Under Rules
The 6 & Under division provides equal and full participation of all team members, development of sportsmanship and the fun and challenge of competition.  In this division girls should be focusing on the basic techniques of hitting, throwing, catching and base running to improve their skills and increase their enjoyment of the game.    
Scores of each game and standings are not kept.   Good sportsmanship, fun and equal play remain paramount.   Girls are encouraged to improve through skill building, practice, discipline and teamwork.   Practicing at home is also strongly encouraged.
Games are mainly on Saturdays.  If a game is rained out on Saturday, weather permitting it will be played on Sunday.  All games will be played at Downing Park Pavilion Field or Chelsea Field.  
The 6 & Under Division information, including these rules and schedule will be maintained on the web. ASA rules govern play with the exceptions contained herein.
1.1         All players present at a game must play. The only exception to this would be a player that continually does not attend practice and in this case the Division Coordinator must be notified prior a girl sitting out.
1.2         Players will have opportunities in infield and outfield positions throughout the season. Coaches have discretion over who plays each position - particularly first base. This is due to safety reasons and the need to provide a reasonably competitive playing experience.  It is the coach’s duty to ensure that every girl has opportunities in the infield and outfield during the season.
2           Number of Players
2.1         All players who attend the game will play in the field. 
2.2         A team should have 6 players to play an official game.  Games may be played with less than 6 players, and at this point players can be borrowed from the other team in order to just play the game.  
2.3         Teams with 6 players may request a defensive player from the opposing team to fill a fielding position. The player playing defense for the opposing team is the last batter due in up in the inning. That player continues to bat for her own team.
3           Batting
3.1         Roster batting is in effect. All girls are in the lineup and will bat whether or not they are playing the field.
3.2         Any player entering the game after the first pitch must be placed last in the batting order.
3.3     The pitching machine will be used. The batter will be allowed a maximum of 5 pitches and if she has not put the ball into play by the seventh pitch, the batting tee MUST be used.
3.4         The only players allowed to have bat in their hand will be the batter and the on-deck batter. In the case of the on-deck batter, she must remain in the fenced in on-deck area until her time at bat. 
3.5         There is no bunting allowed.
4           Base Running
4.1         Base runners cannot leave the base (lead) until the ball is released. Base runners must return to their base if the ball was not put into play.
4.2        There is no stealing or any base. Base runners are encouraged to lead when the pitch is made. 
4.3         Players running to first base, and running through the base attempting to beat a throw, must use the orange part of the base. The white part of the base *may* be used if the first base player occupied the orange part of the base in an effort to catch a thrown ball.
4.4         Runners should attempt to slide at any base to try to avoid contact with the fielder in possession of the ball. 

5          Fielding
5.1         The first base player must use the white base. The orange base should not be used to make a putout at first base on a routine play; however, the umpire may allow the use of the orange part of the base in certain cases of errant throws.
5.2         Fielders should try not to block any base if they do not have possession of the ball. 
6           Safety
6.1         All girls must wear batting helmets with a strap and faceguard (both stamped with the NOCSAE label) while batting, running the bases, in the on-deck circle, in coaches’ box or anywhere in-bounds. If a fielder wishes to wear a helmet she is permitted to do so.  
6.2         Any coach catching must wear a mask with throat protector.
6.3     All fielders must wear a mouth guard.  If a girl does not have a mouth guard at a game, she will not be allowed to play the field and will only bat.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
6.4         A team will receive one warning with regard to batters throwing bats. The second time the batter will be out, and base runners must return to the bases occupied before the call was made.  This is a team warning and not an individual warning.
6.5      Players are strongly encouraged to wear sliding shorts and a sliding pad.
6.6         The on-deck area is the fenced in box within the dugout areas. This is the only place an on-deck batter may swing and only one person is allowed in this area at a time.  No tees or balls should be hit in this area during a game.
6.7       Thunder/Lightning Policy:   Thunder and lightning necessitates that contests be
         suspended. The occurrence of thunder and/or lightning is not subject to interpretation or discussion:
         thunder is thunder, lightning is lightning. When thunder is heard and/or when lightning is seen, the
         following procedures will be adhered to:
a.)    Suspend play and direct participants to go to shelter, a building normally occupied by
the public or if a building is unavailable, participants should go inside a vehicle with a solid metal top (e.g. bus, van, car).
b.)    Do not permit people to stand under or near a tree; and have all stay away from poles,
antennas, towers and underground watering systems.
c.)    After thunder and/or lightning have left the area, you MUST wait 30 minutes after the
last boom is heard or strike is seen before resuming play.
7          Time Limit – Length of Game
7.1         Teams MUST be on the field and ready to start play 5 minutes before game time. Failure to be ready takes away from the girls playing time.   
7.2         The game is 6 innings or an hour and fifteen minutes. A new inning cannot start after one hour and fifteen minutes (1:15).    If at an 1:15 the game is in the middle of the inning, that inning will be completed and will be the last inning.
Other items 
8         Infield fly rule is not in effect.
9     Due to roster batting, if a batter is injured or has left the field (ex. bathroom), she will be
        skipped over in the batting order. No out will be charged. If the player returns, she will be
        inserted back into the spot she had previously held in the batting order.
10        All players, coaches, parents and spectators must adhere to the YAC Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in that individual (s) told to leave the field. If the violation is serous in nature, this matter will be brought to the YAC Board and may result in the individual (s) suspended from attending any future YAC events.
11        The home team shall sit in the first base dugout.
12        The only adults allowed in the dugout with the team shall be the Coach and Assistant Coach. We do welcome all help offered by parents, but must limit those in the dugout with the girls. It is confusing when adults other than the coaches or siblings are telling the girls what they should or should not have done.
13       Positive cheering and chants are encouraged and acceptable. It is not however, acceptable to chant derogatory chants at the opposing team.
14        A scheduled will be made to determine field duties. Each team will be assigned at least 1 day of
        field duty. This responsibility includes raking and pumping the field (if needed due to weather),
        lining the batter’s box and foul lines as well as the pitching circle. 

YAC Girls5 & 6 Year Old Division Rules


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