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Wall Ball Routine
The following stick drills should be used daily in the off-season and several times per week during the season. Once you master your stick (which takes a lot of dedication) the rest of your game will fall into place with much less frustration. Stick with it!

This routine is from Women’s Lacrosse: A Guide for Advanced Players and Coaches byJanine Tucker, Head Coach, Johns Hopkins.

Sequence 1 and 2–Basic Toss and Catch – Using proper hand positioning and throwing mechanics complete sets right and left-handed.

Sequence 3 and 4– Catch and Cradle – Continue the basic toss and catch, but after each catch, add a face dodge and cradle. Complete sets right and left-handed.

Sequence 5 and 6– Backhand Throw – Using a right hand grip, make a back hand pass (from the left side) and catch right-handed. Repeat sets left-handed.

Sequence 7– Catch and Switch – Basic toss and catch, but add a twirl and had switch. Toss and catch alternating hands.

Sequence 8– Catch and Switch off the Hip – Similar to the Catch and Switch, but toss and catch off the hip with a sidearm motion. Continue the twirl and switch and alternate hands.

Sequence 9 and 10– Toss and Catch High – Using a grip at the bottom of the stick, toss and catch high. Complete sets right and left-handed.

Practice does not make perfect Perfect practice makes perfect.
Great study habits, healthy diet, plenty of rest, dedicated practice, time management,and the willingness to sacrifice = success.
Good luck with your lacrosse season

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