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Bantam Rules

Bantam Division (3rd & 4th Grade)


Coaches please remind players to take what they bring (drink bottles, clothes, etc.)

Number of players to start a game

  1. A team must have at least 4 roster players to start a game (a forfeit is declared if the team does not have four roster players available to start a game within 5 minutes of the game’s scheduled start time). 

Time of game

  1. The game is comprised of 4 quarters with each quarter lasting for 10 minutes of running time.  Each quarter will be broken up into two 5-minute segments. 
  1. There is a 1-minute break after the 1st and 3rd quarters and a 2-minute break at halftime.
  1. Each team will have 2 time outs per half.  Time outs will not be carried over from the first to the second half, or from the second half into overtime or from one overtime period to the next.

Substitutions and segment play

  1. Substitutions can only be made at the start of each 5-minute segment.  Players must play the entire 5-minute segment before leaving the game for a substitution.  Exceptions are for an injury. When there is a substitution due to an injury, the segment will be assigned to the player that played the majority of the time during that specific 5 minute segment.  One player cannot be used for multiple substitutions in one game. 
  1. The timekeeper (a parent) will signal the referee as close to the 5 minute mark as possible without interfering with the flow of the game.  A whistle or a change of possession after a rebound is a good time to stop the clock.  A fast break or when the offensive team has control of the ball is not a good time to stop the clock.  
  1. At the end of each segment, a time out is not in effect.  Subs must come in quickly and play resumes right away.  
  1. Each player present must play a specified number of game segments.  Segment playing time rules must be followed.  The Segment Play Chart will detail how many segments each player will play based on the number of players present at the game.  If a coach is found in violation of the Segment Play Chart,  the offending coach will be suspended one game.  If a second violation occurs during the season, the offending coach will be removed from the league.  
  1. Segment playing time sheets must be written down and available for inspection by opposing coaches. At the end of each game, the coach is to take a picture of the segment sheet and send it to the division's coordinator.
  1. Players must play in each half that they are present.  (i.e:  If a player arrives in the 3rd segment (beginning of the 2nd quarter), the player must play at least one of the two remaining segments in the first half.  If a player arrives during the 5th segment (beginning of the second half), the player must play at least two of the remaining four segments).
  1. If a player arrives after the start of the second segment in a game, it is only necessary for him to play in 2 segments in the 2nd half.  However, he may play more if the coach sees fit to do so.


  1. Fouls will be kept for foul shooting purposes only. No players will foul out. 
  1. One and one fouls shots will occur on the 7th team foul in a half.  Two foul shots will be awarded after 10 team fouls in a half. 
  1. Players will move 5 feet closer to the basket from the foul line for foul shots. 


  1. Overtime will be 2 minutes.  The clock will stop on each whistle.  A team gets one time out in each over time session.
  1. In the first overtime session, coaches may place anyone on the court that they wish.  However, if the game goes into double overtime, any players on the bench must go into the game. 


  1. Teams will play man to man defense for the entire game for the entire season.  Zone defenses are not allowed.
  2.  Teams will not press.  Defense will start at half court.  However, if the opposing team is unable to move the ball forward, defense will back up to the top of the key (or foul line extended if necessary).


  1. Players who continually miss practice will lose game playing time and risk suspension.
  1. Any player or coach who is ejected from a game will be suspended for the next game at a minimum and will not be allowed in the gym during the next game.  If the same player or coach is ejected from a 2nd game, the player or coach will be suspended for the next 2 games at a minimum or be removed from the team at the discretion of the Basketball Commissioner.  

Please respect the referees. This goes for both players & coaches.

Remember this is only a game.

Remember to have fun.


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