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Tee Ball Ages 4-6

YAC Baseball Tee-Ball Division (Ages 4 -6 Year Olds

Tee-Ball is completely instructional, with both practices and games are geared to teaching fundamental skills and having fun. Catching, throwing hitting and game concepts should be a major part of each practice and game. Games & Practice take place on Sundays at approx. 10:30 & 12:00 pm . Each session comprises of 45 minutes of practice and 45 minutes of Game.

Items each child should have to play T-Ball:

A heart guard shirt

A protective cup

A fielding glove

a Bat and a Batting helmet

Cleats (does not need to be baseball specific, soccer cleats are fine)

During the spring Season YAC will provide a jersey, pants, socks and baseball hat.  During the fall Just a Jersey and hat are provided to each player.


Tee Ball General Rules

Tee-Ball - General Rules of Play

General Information

Tee-Ball is completely instructional, with both practices and games geared to teaching fundamental skills and having fun.  Catching, throwing hitting and game concepts should be a major part of each practice and game.

1. All Games and Practices are on Sundays and will be played at Brookside. Check the schedule for game/practice times and locations. Practice will be 45 minutes of instruction followed by a 45 minute game. 

2. A team’s head coach will identify four (4) offensive (first base, third base, bench, home plate) and four (4) defensive (1 infield and 3 outfield) coaches that will walk around and explain the game to the players.  All other person’s (parents, siblings, friends, etc.) are requested to remain away from the bench area, from behind the backstop and away from the field of play. 

3. A team must consist of a minimum of seven (7) players in order to start a game. Teams not having at least seven (7) players at the start of the game will be provided defensive players from the opposing team.  These players will not bat for the team they are helping out. They are only defensive replacements. 
We hope that this situation does not occur often during the season. If a pattern of non-attendance of players occurs notify the division coordinator. 

4JEWELRY OF ANY TYPE IS NOT PERMITTED TO BE WORN ON THE FIELDThis includes, but is not limited to, watches, rings, pins, earnings, necklaces or other metallic items. If your child is seen wearing jewelry during the game, the game will be stopped and they will be asked to remove it before play can resume.  Medical bracelets or necklaces are the only exception, and it is suggested that these items be left on or near the team bench whenever possible. 

5. No pitching will be allowed; all batters will hit off the Tee. 

6. Bats made for T-Ball should be used, however wooden and Little League approved metallic bats are allowed in the Yorktown Athletic Club program. Bats shall not be more then twenty-six (26) inches in length, and not more then 2-¼ inches in diameter.

7. An official game will end after 2 complete innings or 45 minutes of play. 

8. Roster batting is in effect.  A half inning ends when all players on a team have batted.

9. Outs will not be counted but base runner should be removed.

10. The batter will be allowed three (3) swings to hit a fair ball.  For a ball to be fair it must travel at least five (5) feet from home plate.  The home plate coach will be responsible to make this call.   In the event a batter does not hit a fair ball after three (3) swings, the home plate coach will assist the batter.

11. If the batter throws their bat either on the swing or at any other time, the coach should instruct the player on the proper skill.  

12. Batters and base runners can advance a maximum of one (1) base per play.  Base runners do not advance on errors or balls thrown into dead-ball territory.

13. Every child who is at bat or on base must wear a batting helmet.

14. Stealing is prohibited.  In addition, a player can not leave the base until contact has been made with ball.  Where a runner leaves the base early, the base coach will instruct the runner on proper skill.   

15ALL BASE RUNNERS MUST SLIDE FEET FIRST when advancing to second base, third base, or home plate when a defensive play is being made at those locations. For the safety of the player, head first sliding is prohibited.  The defensive player cannot block the base or baseline. When any of these situations occur, the coaches will instruct the players on the proper skill.

16. Coaches should move defensive players to new positions.

Defensive Player Positions

There will be a maximum of 8 players on the infield. 

1)     Left side of Pitcher’s mound

2)    Right side of Pitchers mound

3)    Behind Pitchers mound

4)    First Base

5)    Second Base 1 (between first and second, must start play on the infield dirt)

6)    Second Base 2 (on second base)

7)    Short Stop (must start play on the infield dirt)

8)    Third Base

Remaining players should be distributed in the outfield on the grass.  An outfielder can not start a play on the infield dirt.


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