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May, 2021

With amazing weather approaching we would like to remind all participants and spectators that our guidelines are still in place. As the Guidelines begin to change from the CDC and the DOH our local guidelines are still in place for face coverings for any individual in Yorktown Parks, and school grounds.   YAC will continue to follow the Yorktown Town Board resolution when it comes to face coverings.

Temperature checks are mandatory for all YAC participants and the completion of the Team Snap app will be a permanent addition to our YAC policy. Parents/families need to help monitor that all players are following all the guidelines that YAC has in place to insure that our players, spectators and coaches are in the safest possible environment.

 YAC wants all sports to continue without disruption and most importantly to keep all the players on the fields.

Enjoy the weather and let’s continue to have a great spring season.

Thank you,

Yorktown Athletic Club

April, 2021

Yorktown Athletic Club- Guidelines

The Yorktown Athletic clubs first priority is the safety of all our players, coaches and spectators. During these difficult times the YAC has established guidelines for our participants and spectators to follow that will help keep our children active and in a safe environment.
Below are the Yorktown Athletic Club guidelines that need to be followed. The guidelines are separated but of any pertain to the players, coaches or spectators please follow the guidelines listed in any of the categories.
Face covering are required for ALL at any YAC event.
All YAC Participants and spectators.
  1. Follow all CDC and NYS Covid 19 guidelines.
  2. Follow the NYS travel advisory.
  3. Take a self assessment.
  4. Follow all Parks and Recreation or Yorktown Central School district guidelines.
  1. Must wear masks or face coverings at all facilities and all times. In areas such as dugouts face coverings are required even if they can socially distance. Face coverings are required at all times by Yorktown players and any visiting players during practices and/or games.
  2. Was hands frequently when possible.
  3. Do not share equipment.
  4. Do not share snacks or drinks.
  5. Stay home if they are at all sick.
  6. Stay home if awaiting Covid 19 test results or if any member in your household is awaiting test results.
  7. Arrive maximum of 30 minutes early to any game or practice. Do not take the field if the team before you is still on site.
  8. All players must have the team snap app completed prior to arriving at any Yorktown event. This includes but not limited to practices and games.
  1. Must wear face coverings at all times.
  2. Provide hand sanitizer.
  3. Socially distance with players whenever possible.
  4. Observe players to make sure they are showing no signs of being sick.
  5. Stay home if they are sick.
  6. Stay home if awaiting Covid 19 results.
  7. Enforce all the YAC guidelines for both home and away teams. Communicate our guidelines with any visiting team prior to the event. Postpone any game that these guidelines can not be adhered to by any party.
  8. Check and make sure all players have completed team snap for that day.
  1. Stay outside any fenced in area.
  2. Do not enter dugout or bench areas.
  3. Do not sit or stand behind home plate areas or near where players have set up. Must be 15-0 away from fencing.
  4. Watch games from designated areas.
  5. Stay home if sick or feeling sick.
  6. Stay home if awaiting Covid 19 test results.
  7. Supply hand sanitizer or hand wipes for their player.
  8. Arrive to fields at game time.
  9. Socially distance and wear a mask even if you are outside. Yorktown has passed a resolution requiring masks at all times at all of their facilities.
  10. Stay patient with coaches or any member of YAC that is enforcing our guidelines.
  11. Monitor the participants/spectators temperature prior to attending any game or practice.
  12. Do not attend any YAC event if awaiting the results of a Covid 19 test.
  13. Do not attend any YAC event if scheduling a Covid 19 test because you or a player feels at all sick.
  14. If game or practice is at a YCSD field only two spectators per player.
  15. Face coverings are required at all times as per the Yorktown resolution passed in March 2020.
The Yorktown Athletic Club has been working very hard to keep our players on the fields in the safest possible environment. We need everyone’s cooperation to finish the fall season.
The YAC appreciates your help and patience in advance.
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Department of Health
COVID-19 Travel Advisory | Department of Health
Take a self-assessment
Thank you for your cooperation.
The Yorktown Athletic Club Executive Board


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